Large organizations are eagerly adopting cloud infrastructures and services, according to a NetEnrich report released on Thursday. Some 85% of businesses said they use cloud infrastructures moderately or extensively; however, it is public cloud adoption that will dominate 2019, the report found.

The report surveyed 100 IT decision-makers in companies with at least 500 employees. Public cloud adoption continues growing because of its scalability and ease of use within the enterprise–which explains why 68% of IT departments are currently using public cloud infrastructures, and why 80% of respondents said their companies have moved at least a quarter of their information to the public cloud, according to the report.

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“A pattern of cloud adoption, which began roughly 10 years ago, is showing no sign of slowing down,” Javed Sikander, CTO at NetEnrich, said in a press release. “On the contrary, the cloud infrastructure and applications business has never been better, and the reason is consumer demand.”

Respondents also cited multiple other benefits of the public cloud, including faster time-to-market for new digital services, reduced cost, and optimization of IT infrastructure. However, nearly all respondents also reported major concerns associated with the technology.

Some 72% of IT decision-makers said cybersecurity is their biggest priority in 2019, and 33% also cited security as their biggest concern with moving to the cloud, according to the report. Clearly the majority of professionals are willing to take the risk, though.

“Despite the various data breaches, security missteps and occasional outages, consumers of technology services are putting more data into the cloud; they’re using more digital products and services; and they’re buying more devices that run cloud-based applications,” Sikander said in the release. “Like other consumer activities, users clearly are saying that when it comes to the cloud, they’re willing to accept some risk. Business and IT leaders are getting the message, which explains the big jump in the amount of time and money companies are spending on cloud.”

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The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • 68% of IT departments are currently using public cloud infrastructures to store their data. — NetEnrich, 2019
  • 33% of respondents cited security as their top concern in moving to the public cloud. — NetEnrich, 2019