Image: Realworld

It’s college graduation season. Even if your soon-to-be or recent-grad has already lined up an internship or an entry-level position at a Fortune 500 company, they are probably still on the precipice of actual adulthood. There’s a reason “adulting” has suddenly become a verb: It’s not an easy transition for those who take the traditional route. From home and high-school graduation, to university graduation and the inevitable leap into all the things that most relied on their parents to handle. There are the bills and the minutiae that must be addressed to succeed. A newly launched app, Realworld, fully focuses on the tools needed for adulthood.

If you wished school had taught how to balance a checkbook (in the days before smart devices), how to figure out how much carpeting or how many tiles you need for flooring or how to navigate taxes, this app will provide the practical for Gen Z, for maneuverability that previous generations struggled through.

Realworld takes “major life topics not discussed in school” (i.e. getting a credit card, filling out onboarding documents for an employer and more). It provides guidance, tooling and a marketplace of curated service providers. The free platform includes nearly 100 step-by-step “playbooks” to help your offspring feel prepared for the foundations of adulthood.

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“Realworld began because of a firsthand experience with the knowledge gap,” said Realworld founder Genevieve Ryan Bellaire, a lawyer who pivoted into entrepreneurship. “After graduating from college and graduate school, I was faced with the reality of not being well prepared to tackle topics like credit, health insurance and employer paperwork.” It soon became clear to Bellaire that she was not alone “I set out to ensure that the next generation has the resources they need to succeed.”

The mobile app was specifically designed, over the course of three and a half years, for “young adults at the onset of independence, at the point when they’re graduating from college and starting life in the working world,” Bellaire explained. “This generation was born in the age of mobile devices, so having an app was always on our roadmap.”

The app applies elements to “make a big difference for our community.” “First, we have a better reminder system which uses push notifications to ensure you’re paying bills on time, staying on track, and working through your to-do list,” she said. “Second, our library is now searchable. Sometimes you’re handed a form and you don’t even know what it is, now you can turn to us for the 411 and the actionable playbook to walk you through next steps. And finally, we have an embedded community feed, so members can see what their peers are doing and give them the motivation to keep moving.”

They also updated the various “playbooks” by providing a summary for those that have been completed, which serves as a refresher when the user has moved to a different one.

She concedes that parents are “key parts of the emotional support” for their young adult children, “their information is sometimes out of date!” Realworld provides up-to-date research information “then translated the information into Gen Z terms.” She added, “We want to let parents be a positive reinforcement in their children’s journey, rather than the nagging reminder to pay rent and focus on improving your credit score.”

Bellaire said, “While we’ve focused this app release on the graduation transition and our starter pack of fundamentals, we’re excited to continue to add new content to our library to ensure we can help members with everything they could encounter as they enter the real world.”

The overarching goal, she said, is to let graduates know that they’re not alone. “Graduating and moving on to the working world can feel isolating, but knowing there are tools and resources to help, as well as other people going through it too can really ease the transition.”