Adobe Premiere Rush now available on Android

Mobile video editing just got better for Android users as they now have access to Adobe Premiere Rush.

Image: Adobe

I was pretty excited last year when Adobe's Premiere Rush was released. Well, somewhat. The new app aimed at on-the-go content creators looked like an awesome option for creating and editing awesome video. But, it was only available on Windows, Mac OS and iOS.

As usual, the Android faithful were left out in the cold and told that a compatible version would be available "in 2019." Five months into 2019, and the app has now been delivered.

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Creating content on-the-go with your Android

The flagship Android phones of today tout some awesome cameras and internals. Yet it's not enough to own a great camera--your device must also be able to handle the computations and processing of apps with ease. The latest offerings from Samsung, Google, and OnePlus fits the bill and are great devices to pair with Premiere Rush. (Note: Premiere Rush should not be confused with Premiere Pro). The app is designed to give creators a lightweight tool to create video footage as well as process and edit audio files.

With Premiere Rush you can apply color grading, motion graphic titles, and also various outputs to fit your publishing needs such as HD for YouTube or portrait mode for your Instagram stories (Figure A). Whether you're using video and photo files stored on your phone or actively shooting with the built-in camera app of Premiere Rush, content creation and publishing is at your finger tips.


Figure A

Image: Adobe

Useful features

During my testing of the pre-released version, I found Premiere Rush for Android lived up to everything Adobe stated it would. Yes, it needed some work in two or more areas, but it was rather useful for some of the video content I created. The biggest feature I found useful was access to my Creative Cloud libraries. As part of my branding, I use a specific set of motion graphics in my videos. These all sit on my primary editing computer but are synced up to the Creative Cloud. With Premiere Rush, I could access the compatible assets and integrate them into my project. However, not all assets are compatible. For example, if I create a motion graphics template with After Effects instead of Premiere Pro, the template would not be compatible within Premiere Rush.

The performance of Premiere Rush on my Pixel XL 2 worked fine. I didn't experience any crashing or loss of projects. I wish there was a landscape orientation option to edit a video within Premiere Rush. Rotating my phone to landscape didn't provide editing options, but I did have viewing options. Fortunately, you can zoom in on the timeline to get a better view as well as more easily drag and drop assets within the timeline.

As previously mentioned, you can synchronize assets and data from your Creative Cloud storage for use in your Premiere Rush project. Unfortunately, Rush or Adobe may experience issues synchronizing the data if you're behind a VPN on your mobile device. I was given errors as if I didn't have a network connection (carrier hosted or WiFi) when I attempted to share footage to social media or upload to YouTube (Figure B). When my VPN was disabled, the connectivity and sync options worked fine. Hopefully this is addressed soon.


Figure B

Wish list

Most smartphone cameras are capable at shooting higher frame rates such as 60 or 120 frames per second. This could make for some beautiful slow motion footage, but Premiere Rush does not have speed remapping capabilities at this time. Adobe stated that this feature is one of its priorities to get implemented into the app. Until that happens, you have to sync your Premiere Rush project with Premiere Pro to have the additional speed remapping capabilities.

A wish list item for me regarding Premiere Rush would be Chromebook support. At this time, support isn't available to Chromebooks whether it's capable of running Android apps or not. This is another high-priority feature on Adobe's list. I'd also like to see a web interface similar to what's found on the Lightroom website, where you can edit photos within a browser.


You can get the new Premiere Rush for Android in the Google Play store. The Premiere Rush starter plan is free and provides access to all Premiere Rush features, use of desktop and mobile apps, and the ability to create an unlimited number of projects, and export up to three projects. Else, you can sign up for $9.99 per month to individuals, $19.99 per month for teams, and $29.99 per month for enterprise customers.

If you already have the full Creative Cloud suite, you will already have access to Premiere Rush. At this time, the support is for the Google Pixel 2/2XL, Google Pixel 3/3xl, Samsung Galaxy S10/10+ and a few other select flagship Android devices.

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