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In the age of remote work en masse, a number of areas are pulling out all the stops to attract premium talent. On Thursday, Airbnb announced an expanded “try before you buy” program, partnering with remote talent attraction programs around the U.S. The Airbnb partnerships allow professionals to try out a new area before going all-in on a move.

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Overall, the expanded Airbnb initiative builds on a partnership with Tulsa Remote; a program designed to attract remote talent to the so-called Oil Capital of the World. In February, Airbnb and Tulsa Remote first launched the “try before you buy” program to help remote workers test the landscape before relocating to the area.

As part of the deal, Airbnb provided “select” members of the Tulsa Remote $150 gift card on top of a $500 Tulsa Remote travel reimbursement. Tulsa Remote provided virtual and on-site visits to help people “get acquainted with neighborhoods, amenities and locations that will fit their lifestyle.”

The latest announcement builds on this opportunity, expanding the program to a number of new cities across the U.S.

The expanded list of Airbnb partners includes remote talent attraction programs TechRepublic has previously covered such as Ascend West Virginia, Choose Topeka and Tulsa Remote. Additional programs include Finding Northwest Arkansas, Live + Work in Maine, Move to Michigan, Chicago’s P33, Remote Shoals and Remote Tucson.

As part of the initiative, Airbnb said it will partner with these programs and provide coupons for members visiting these cities, share “data and insights on the remote working and “try before you buy” trends,” work together on city-specific Airbnb Online Experiences and more.

Relocation packages: Cold hard cash and more

Talent attraction programs are offering a wide range of incentive packages to attract remote workers. Relocation deal sweeteners include cold hard cash and free bicycles. The Tulsa Remote program is offering eligible candidates $10,000 to relocate to the area.

“As the work landscape continues to shift and allow for a more flexible work style, we are excited for the opportunity Tulsa Remote offers remote professionals who now have the ability to relocate. We are thrilled to continue our ‘try before you buy’ partnership with Airbnb to enable prospective Tulsa Remote members to explore the city like a local,” said Ben Stewart, executive director of Tulsa Remote.

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Qualified applicants can rake in up to $15,000 when relocating to the Golden City as part of the Choose Topeka program. Additional deal sweeteners include a $1,000 bonus from Jimmy John’s for professionals who move to select delivery zones in the Topeka area.

“Choose Topeka has introduced thousands of potential residents to the idea of life in Kansas. As we screen candidates for our incentive program, this partnership with Airbnb makes the decision to relocate to Topeka a little easier,” said Bob Ross, SVP of marketing and communications for GO Topeka. “We are excited to watch new people discover their best life here. The first step might be at the front door of an Airbnb property in one of our many beautiful neighborhoods.”