Apple partners with GE to bring industrial IoT apps to iPhone, iPad

The partnership between the two firms will bring the GE Predix software development kit to iOS, making it easier for developers to build IoT apps.

Can the Industrial Internet of Things live up to the hype?

Apple and GE are partnering to bring GE's Predix industrial internet of things (IIoT) platform to Apple's iOS by way of a software developer kit (SDK), the pair announced in a Wednesday press release.

The Predix SDK for iOS will be available on October 26, 2017, the release said. With it, iOS developers will be able to create native apps that leverage some of the analytics available on the Predix platform.

"GE is an ideal partner with a rich history of innovation across the industrial world in areas like aviation, manufacturing, healthcare and energy," Apple CEO Tim Cook said in the release. "Together, Apple and GE are fundamentally changing how the industrial world works by combining GE's Predix platform with the power and simplicity of iPhone and iPad."

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One example of an app that could be developed would be a tool that notifies workers of potential problems with specific equipment in the field, the release said. Armed with that information, the workers could collaborate on how to best repair or improve the equipment.

"These industrial apps will close the information loop faster, ultimately increasing cost savings and minimizing unplanned downtime," the release said.

As part of the partnership, GE is developing its own internal apps and customer-facing iOS apps as well. The Asset Performance Management (APM) Cases app from GE is available in the App Store now, and can help improve the reliability and availability of machines, the release said.

"The partnership between Apple and GE is providing developers with the tools to make their own powerful industrial IoT apps," John Flannery, chairman and CEO of GE, said in the release.

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GE also announced that it will adopt iPhones and iPads as the standard mobile devices for its workforce, while also promoting Mac computers as well. On the flip side, Apple will lean on Predix as the industrial IoT analytics platform of choice for customers and developers, the release said.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. Apple and GE are partnering to bring the Predix IIoT SDK to iOS devices, for the development of industrial IoT apps on iPhone and iPad.
  2. Developers will be able to create native apps that use Predix analytics to power predictive insights and improve reliability and availability of machines.
  3. GE will adopt iOS devices as its mobile standard and promote Macs, while apple will promote Predix as an industrial analytics platform of choice for customers and developers.

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