CareerBuilder launches new AI-based hiring platform

Recruiters, who report 50% of jobs as going unfilled, will now be able to hire faster via artificial intelligence and will help job seekers build resumes from scratch in just three steps.

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There's little question there is a surplus of tech jobs, but the challenge has always been for companies and job seekers to make a great match. CareerBuilder CEO Irina Novoselsky said that "in a survey conducted earlier this year, we found that 50% of human-resource managers have open positions they cannot fill due to a lack of qualified candidates. Low unemployment has created a tight labor-market where job seekers are in the driver's seat, and the skills gap has made it difficult for companies to fill open positions in many areas, including technology."

Addressing this need, CareerBuilder just launched the "Talent Discovery Platform," which it says will find recruiters potential employees 50% faster by using artificial intelligence (AI) and will also increase job applications up to 175%. 

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The new incarnation, she said, matches cutting-edge AI tech with "rich dual-sided marketplace data." She further explained, "We are a technology company at our core and have been focused on innovation throughout our 25-year history. Earlier versions of these platforms gave job seekers information about different roles to help inform their job searches, and provided recruiters with data and insights to support their recruiting efforts." Novoselsky added that CareerBuilder "has helped millions of candidates to find jobs, and tens of thousands of companies to find the right candidates to fill their open roles."


CareerBuilder's new AI-based platform.

Image: CareerBuilder

The latest update will change " the way recruiters work and job seekers plan their careers for the better. With new AI built on billions of data points, our newest tools allow recruiters to craft job posts five times faster, optimize them to increase applications by 175%, and improve efficiency by 50%." She explained the "billions of data points:" CareerBuilder has leveraged data it collected over the years, "including 2.3 million job postings, 680 million unique profiles, 310 million unique resumes, 10 million job titles, and 1.3 billion skills" to help build strong and smart AI tools.

And working with many companies across many industries, CareerBuilder has "developed parameters for employers through expertise, insight into supply and demand trends across industries, and advanced analytics tools," Novoselsky said. "The new platform also includes a candidate appeal score that helps recruiters to understand how effective the post will be at attracting candidates. By providing recommendations for how to increase its appeal, and with a map that shows similar competing jobs in the area, and the salaries they are offering, recruiters" will get "a real-time look at candidate matches before they post jobs. The tool also uses AI to auto-populate descriptions that are gender-  and tone-neutral, to save time and increase diversity."

CareerBuilder is free to job seekers who can "build a resume from scratch in just three steps and then map out their careers so they can understand where each job will take them in the long run," she added. 

In addition to technology jobs, the company helps match employers and potential employees in healthcare, personal care, hospitality, construction, engineering and other industries.

The company, Novoselsky said, works with companies worldwide, including "90% of the Fortune 500 and have a division focused on supporting companies in the SMB space." Some of CareerBuilder's clients include Healthtrust, Target, Teleperfomance, UPS, and Sherwin Williams.

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The new CareerBuilder AI-based hiring platform.

Image: CareerBuilder