Jonathan King, vice president of strategy, data center, and cloud at World Wide Technology, sat down with TechRepublic’s Senior Writer Teena Maddox at Cisco Live 2018 in Orlando, FL to discuss the benefits of the joint efforts between Cisco and Google and how the two corporate giants are developing an early access program for Google Cloud. The following is an edited transcript of the interview.

Teena Maddox: Tell us about how World Wide Technology is working with Cisco.

Jonathan King:We’ve been participating in Cisco’s Early Access Program for the Cisco Hybrid Cloud Platform for Google Cloud. We’ve worked closely with Cisco, with Google, and with a couple of customers on evaluating the technology. We are in the process of deploying it in our Advanced Technology Center (ATC), and we’re coming forward with a lab solution that we’ll make available when the solution releases, [so] we’ll have a lab available that customers can use to access the technology as if it were an on-prem environment, and then access to Google Cloud so that they can do demos, POCs, trainings, architectures, and really know that the solution is fit for them and get rapid access to it.

Teena Maddox: What are some of the biggest benefits you expect consumers to get from this kind of access?

Jonathan King: I think first is the benefit of the solution, so it’s Cisco and Google coming together. You can look at modernizing your applications in an incremental way. You get the benefit of the Cisco container platform, which enables you to bring Kubernetes on premise in a supported way. Most people are interested in modernizing their applications using containers, and Kubernetes is the leading container orchestration platform. So, Cisco and Google coming together really enables this unique platform where you can modernize your application. And that also lets you make that application portable. One of the benefits of containers is that you can write that application and run it on-prem or run it off-prem. And there are other technologies included in this, in terms of Apigee, which is a Google API gateway, and Cisco ACI, and Cisco HyperFlex for on-prem networking access and underlying infrastructure.

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What we do in the ATC is we bring all those technologies together, so customers don’t have to go through the time of standing up a lab and waiting to get access to this. Customers can really have immediate access to it through [the] virtual access we have, or we can host them in St. Louis, where [the] ATC is located, and customers can see the technology hands-on, and really work with us to see if it’s something that they’re interested in, and then we can optimize it and look at tests and other things that we can do to integrate it into their environments.

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