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EY research found that 83% of senior global executives expect finance professionals to shift from a technical focus to data, process and technology skills over the next three years. Fintech is driving this trend in that particular sector, but other industries from construction to manufacturing are experiencing a similar shift. 

As more companies roll out IoT platforms, senior leaders want to act on all this new data. This includes everything from predictive and preventive maintenance to improving process efficiency. For tech companies already experienced in data-driven decisions, edge computing and 5G will increase the scope of data sources available as well. 

This means all companies will need a team of data professionals who can manage the flow of information from the source to the conference room. This includes data scientists, architects, database engineers and management information systems leaders. Whether you’re building your data team from scratch or filling open roles on an existing team, these TechRepublic Premium resources will help you customize the entire hiring process.

Hiring Kit: Data Scientist

This person determines how business data is collected, collated, cleaned, processed and analyzed on its way to being transformed into useful information for decision-makers. A strong candidate for this role will have the ability to use analytical and statistical tools to recognize potential patterns in business-generated data. The process requires a mix of technical knowledge and pattern recognition. This TechRepublic Premium hiring kit provides everything you need to manage this hiring process.

Hiring Kit: Data architect

A data architect has to be able to see the big, enterprise-wide picture as well as the small day-to-day problems at the user level. This person also must be able to effectively communicate with both C-level management and end users looking for answers to satisfy their specific needs. This hiring kit provides an adjustable framework for finding, recruiting and ultimately hiring the right person.

Hiring Kit: Database engineer

Database engineers manage a company’s flow of information by designing and maintaining a database that provides informative and relevant data to other employees within the organization. The work typically involves working closely with other data professionals and database engineers rely on their expertise in programming languages and application development. This hiring kit makes it easy to craft a job description for the role and design interview questions to identify the ideal candidate.

Hiring Kit: MIS Manager

MIS managers must have a knowledge of the technology, deep understanding of the importance of reliable data, and the skillset to make sure everything runs smoothly and as expected. The MIS manager must also act as a liaison between C-level management and the IT department. This requires an individual who can speak and understand strategic business language and the practical implementation language. This hiring kit from TechRepublic Premium covers the entire hiring process that you can tailor to fit the specific needs of your company.