Decision factors to consider with VDI vs. PC

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Choosing between VDI or PC is something more companies are facing with the growing popularity of virtual desktop infrastructure. Use Tech Pro Research's toolkit to help with the decision-making process.

Virtualized desktops are growing in popularity, with more companies using VDI than ever before.

As companies debate whether to make the move from a PC to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), it helps to factor in the cost. Tech Pro Research has put together a toolkit to provide you with a calculator to determine total cost of ownership (TCO), since when it comes to implementing VDI systems, the concept of cost savings/increases can create a frenzied give-and-take which muddies the waters. VDI requires a substantial investment in server hardware, although savings from reduced IT support and hardware might be offset by higher software costs.

Taking into account all the various factors can be time consuming, not to mention a bit confusing. Use Tech Pro Research’s calculator to simplify the process.

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The calculator assists in determining TCO, which is defined as the expense associated with the hardware, software and operational costs of a system. The annual cost is simply the total expense divided by the number of years the system is utilized (typically four).

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The article that accompanies the calculator will take a look at the TCO involved with PC and VDI systems and how to use the accompanying PC vs. VDI TCO comparison calculator which can factor the costs of each.

Read more about the topic in Tech Pro Research’s report on Research: Virtual desktop infrastructure benefits, drivers and favored vendors.

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