Digital transformation increases cyber risk for 8 out of 10 companies

Organizations are not prepared to handle cyber breaches due to gaps in IT security and basic operations, according to a 1E survey.

What to include in an enterprise cybersecurity plan

With digital transformation initiatives flooding the enterprise, cybersecurity gaps inevitably follow, according to a 1E report released on Thursday. While cybersecurity spending is predicted to exceed $1 trillion through 2021, companies still feel unprepared to handle cyber threats, the report found.

The report, which surveyed 600 IT decision-makers, found that eight out of 10 respondents said they believed digital transformation increases cyber risk. More than three quarters (77%) said they don't feel prepared to react accordingly to a serious data breach.

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With more than half (60%) of organizations experiencing a serious security breach within the last two years, only 23% said that their IT operations and security teams worked well together. Nearly all (97%) respondents said they believed their organization would be better protected if these teams had better collaboration, the report said.

"IT Operations and IT Security teams must work together, agree upon aims, and create a shared toolset," Kurt De Ruwe, CIO of Signify, said in a press release. "When something does go wrong, don't play the blame game. If you point a finger, there are usually three fingers pointing back. Use your collective energy to solve the problem instead."

More than three quarters (77%) of respondents cited remote working as a huge threat vector for their organizations, according to the report. Respondents said organizations must find ways to successfully patch and secure remote workers, if they want to decrease the threat risk.

"Live information is really important because viruses, phishing attacks and all these things happen from moment to moment so you need to be able to react quickly," De Ruwe said in the release. "There was a time you could afford to wait a week or two before you had the information. Today real-time information makes all the difference."

Respondents agreed with the need for tangible security measures: Professionals said they wanted increased investments in software migration automation (80%), breach and response remediation (67%), and software patching (65%).

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Image: iStockphoto/NicoElNino