A great way to make your Word document easier to read and
more visually appealing is to separate sections in the document by inserting a
graphical horizontal line. Word provides a number of attractive graphical
horizontal lines from which you can choose.

Follow these steps to insert a horizontal line in your

  1. Put
    your cursor in the document where you want to insert the horizontal line.
  2. Go to
    Format | Borders And Shading.
  3. On the
    Borders tab, click the Horizontal Line button.
  4. Scroll
    through the options and select the desired line.
  5. Click

You can also insert your own custom horizontal lines. To insert
a custom line, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
    Format | Borders And Shading.
  2. Click the
    Horizontal Line button.
  3. Click
    the Import button.
  4. Navigate
    to the file that contains the line you want to add and click the Add
    button to add the line to the Horizontal Line Gallery.
  5. Click
    OK to add the line to the current document.

Horizontal lines are treated as any other graphic image;
they can be copied, moved, resized, and colored like any other picture object.
To format the line, right-click it and select Format Horizontal line to change
the line’s properties such as color, size, and alignment.

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