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On Monday, Box and Dolby Laboratories announced the companies have produced a new integration in which uploading a file to the cloud content management platform Box can create production-quality audio with, an API platform for transforming media and communications. works for screen and file sharing, broadcasting, dial-in, call recording and HD video. Used in movies, TV, apps, music, sports and gaming, Dolby is used and heard globally.

Users have access to advanced audio processing capabilities, including spatial audio, noise suppression and dynamic audio leveling to create realistic custom experience for their audio and video experiences.

In the announcement, Box called audio “one of the most prevalent forms of media consumed today,” and pointed out that in the last 18 months, there has been more than 50% growth in audio files alone. Social media can take a lot of the credit, given the quick expansion of audio-first social networking, the boon of podcasts and the increasing number of people streaming music and entertainment.

Anyone on social media can attest to the high demand for video content. All organizations, of any size and in any industry, can benefit from easily accessible and premium quality audio.

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The media and entertainment industries have undergone a massive shift to the cloud, which in turn enables secure remote work from any device or location, said Aaron Levie CEO and co-founder of Box, who added that the new tech will give worldwide users “access to higher audio quality without adding additional strain to production teams.”

Within Box, audio quality can be enhanced with the suite of automated tools, operated with only a few clicks, provided by media processing APIs. Unwanted background noise can be reduced, speech intelligibility can be improved and content value can be enhanced through fixing loudness problems, Box’s announcement said.

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Kevin Yeaman, president and CEO of Dolby Laboratories, said that because of media consumption and the big influx of creators and influencers, there’s a need for “content, agile and flexible tools,” “to ensure content sounds best.”, launched this month, is a media and communications platform created to further broaden creative options.