The majority (83%) of professionals said their organizations were at risk from mobile threats in the past year, but 67% said their defenses aren’t keeping up, according to Verizon’s Mobile Security report released Tuesday. Employees aren’t helping the matter–prioritizing speed and efficiency over security, the report found.

The report surveyed 671 professionals, 40% of whom were in the IT or telecommunications industry, to determine the overall quality of enterprise mobile device security. Nearly half (48%) of survey respondents said they sacrificed mobile device security for the sake of “getting the job done,” even while aware of mounting threats.

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Some 46% those that sacrificed security said they suffered a compromise, according to the report, while less than one quarter (24%) of respondents that hadn’t sacrificed security said the same. These incidents weren’t small: 62% of those compromised defined the incidents as “major,” the report added.

Organizations of all sizes, and across all sectors, were affected by mobile compromises last year, according to the report. Employees aren’t taking mobile device security as seriously as computer or server security, the report said, indicating that a shift in attack vector must be accompanied by a shift in focus.

Many organizations rely on employees as their first line of defense for security issues, the report found, but employees aren’t solving any problems. The majority (81%) of organizations said employees are now the biggest risk when it comes to mobile security. Rather than blindly trusting employees, organizations are instead deploying actionable solutions and security policies, the report added.

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The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Nearly half (48%) of employees sacrifice mobile security for the sake of speed and efficiency. — Verizon, 2019
  • 81% of organizations said employees are now the greatest risk to mobile security. — Verizon, 2019