Glassdoor rolled out a new tool today called Collections, which is designed to help job seekers better organize their job searches from a smartphone, a trend that is on the rise.

More than half (58%) of Glassdoor users are looking for jobs on their mobile phones–as are 47.8% of IT job seekers, the site said. Thirty-five percent of job seekers said that they would actually prefer to apply to jobs from their mobile phones.

And one in three (34%) adults in the US are looking or planning to look for a new job in the next year, according to a newly released survey Glassdoor conducted with The Harris Poll of 2,007 US adults.

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The Collections tool “replaces Post-it notes and multiple internet browser tabs by allowing you to save jobs, interview questions, salaries and reviews all in one place,” according to Glassdoor.

The trend to search for jobs from a mobile phone is growing because there is “a lot more knowledge and penetration, and people have more and more apps and smartphones,” said Paul Goldshteyn, mobile product lead at Glassdoor. “As that happens, a lot more people have job searching apps on their smartphones, which makes it easier to look for jobs…so it’s easy to identify, save and apply for that job at a time that’s appropriate for you.”

The Glassdoor/Harris survey also found that 68% of job seekers and employees said staying organized in their job search process is one of their biggest challenges. Additionally, 64% of job seekers and employees report using two or more tools/resources to help them stay organized when conducting their job search.

The Collections tool also allows users to create profiles, prepare for interviews, easily apply for jobs and manage their job search all in one place so that they can be more organized, Goldshteyn said. Job seekers can access content within the tool, including relevant salaries, reviews, and contact information.

Glassdoor research has shown that users want to see sample interview questions, save them and tie them to the jobs they’re applying for. Once users access the Collections tool from Glassdoor mobile app, they can save interview questions, relevant notes, and other pieces of content, he said.

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A mobile-friendly application process attracts applicants

“In an increasingly tight labor market, employers are competing intensely for limited applicant attention and time,” wrote Daniel Zhao Daniel Zhao, senior economist and data scientist at Glassdoor in a blog post last spring. “Understanding the populations that feed employers’ applicant pools and further enabling job seekers through user-friendly technology will be critical to attracting the most and best applicants.”

When the time needed to complete an online job application is reduced by 10%, there is a 2.3% increase in job applications from mobile job seekers, and a 1.5% increase in applications from desktop job seekers, according to Zhao. “Employers with difficult mobile job application processes are likely deterring many potential applicants.”

Searching and applying for a job from a smartphone is a trend that is definitely on the upswing, Goldshteyn said. “The job search is really stressful and spread out for users; they have notes and spreadsheets and Google Docs to manage the job process. We’re trying to help solve that problem for users.”

Image: Olga Romanova, Getty Images/iStockphoto