Help your team understand their project roles and responsibilities

As a consultant, are you sure that everyone on your project team clearly understands their role? This roles and responsibilities template, sent to us from a TechRepublic member, can help.

Imagine a baseball team on which no one knows what position they’re supposed to play or what needs to be done when a ball is hit to them. The players are skilled, but they’re just not sure how to use their skills to win the game. If you’re coaching Little Leaguers, you might expect this kind of confusion. If you’re a consultant leading a project team, it’s the last thing you want to deal with. Making sure that team members understand their roles and responsibilities for a project is a basic building block of your success.

We’re featuring a roles and responsibilities document to help you determine who is supposed to do what in regard to projects, deliverables, and oversight.

This template was sent to us by John Ramirez, a business analyst and technical writer for the Information Technology Services Division of the Montana Department of Justice. The Motor Vehicle Division, where Ramirez works, instituted a Project Management Office (PMO) last year.

“Essentially, our PMO serves as a glue to keep activities and individuals attached together; as an assets warehouse policeman to organize and monitor project resources; and as a general all-around organizer, note-taker, communications linker.”

Included in this download is a sample table, which you’ll want to reproduce as an Excel spreadsheet. Then you can use it to match a team member’s position with a specific responsibility. Each responsibility is assigned a specific letter. For example, in the download, a team member who works as the Methodology SME (subject matter expert) would be responsible for planning (D) and implementing (E) project processes.

Download this document to see if it might help you sort out everyone’s place on your project team. If you have a similar document that you’ve successfully used in your projects, send it to us. If we use it on the site, we’ll send you a TechRepublic coffee mug or a TechRepublic t-shirt.

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