How an AI beauty store brings personalized shopping to Dubai

The unmanned virtual store from startup lululab uses artificial intelligence to provide personalized skincare solutions.

Brick and mortar retail digital transformation is powered by mobile device data

Beauty startup lululab, a Samsung spin-off, introduced its artificial intelligence (AI)-based Beauty Store last week in Dubai Mall, according to a Monday press release. The AI Beauty Store is an unmanned virtual shop combining AI and big data tech to bring individualized skincare recommendations.

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Digital transformation in retail has been revolutionizing the way customers shop. Through tools such as digital marketing, analytics, sensor data, facial recognition, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR), retailers are attempting to make the shopping experience more individualized and efficient.

Beauty retail chains in particular have been taking advantage of such technologies. In the US, for example, Sephora uses AR to help customers get an idea of how makeup will look on them, and also uses AI to match their skin tone to the correct foundation.

Lululab's AI Beauty Store follows suit through three major features: Self-skin analysis, product recommendations to help solve customer's skincare problems, and the provision of an outcome report, the release said.

Using a multispectral camera at the LUMINI kiosk in the mall, customers can take a single selfie to determine the current state of their skin condition, along with recommended skincare products. This technology makes shopping a much more personalized and effective experience, preventing customers from having to aimlessly wander shopping malls for random, expensive skincare, the release noted.

Customers can also receive discounts on recommended products, the release said.

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