How to add words and phrases to the Android personal dictionary

If you want to make typing on an Android device as efficient as possible, Jack Wallen shows you how to take advantage of the Personal Dictionary feature.

How to use the Personal Dictionary feature on Android The Personal Dictionary on Android devices is meant to make typing as efficient as possible by recognizing words and phrases you use often. Here's how to take advantage of it.

You know when you're typing on Android and the system suggests words as you type? Those words come from a built-in dictionary that can learn as you type. Android also happens to come with what it calls a Personal Dictionary and you should be making use of it. With this personal dictionary you can add your own special words, phrases, and even URLs or custom signatures for emails, as well as associated short cuts. So instead of having to type out TechRepublic, I can add the word to my personal dictionary and create a shortcut, say tr, so that all I have to do is type my shortcut and then tap TechRepublic when it appears in the suggestions. Or say I want to create an entry for and give it the shortcut wtr? I can do that as well.

How do you use this handy feature? Let me show you.

The first thing you do is open Settings and then tap Language & Input | Personal dictionary. In the resulting window, tap the + button. Now, type the word or phrase you want to add to the dictionary and then add an optional shortcut. When you're done, tap the checkmark button and then tap the back button to return to the Personal Dictionary window, where you'll see all your words listed.

That's all there is to adding custom words to your Android Personal Dictionary. Make use of this handy feature and you'll find typing on the Android platform far more efficient.

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