When I was a kid, changing channels required me to get up, walk to the television, and manually turn a knob. We’re not talking about television, but it’s still fun to reminisce. What we’re talking about is changing the channel on your Chromebook. There are three channels to choose from (much like on the television when I was a kid). The channels are Stable, Beta, and Developer. If you want your Chromebook to be as stable as possible, you’ll want the Stable channel. If you want new features that have been sufficiently tested, but aren’t ready for the stable channel, you’ll want the Beta channel. If you want all the latest features, even before they’ve been fully vetted, the Dev channel is for you.

But how do you change those channels? Simple. Let me show you.

Open up the Settings window on your Chromebook, and click on the menu button in the upper left corner. Click on About Chrome OS and then click on Detailed build information. In the resulting window, click CHANGE CHANNEL and then select the channel you want. You will then be prompted to click CHANGE CHANNEL AND POWERWASH. Click that and the device will begin the process of changing channels. Do note that changing channels will delete any local data on your device. If you’ve downloaded files and saved them to the Downloads folder, you’ll want to upload those to your Google Drive account or save them to a flash drive.

When your Chromebook reboots, sign into your Google Account, and your Chromebook will be like new only on a different channel.