Microsoft has long offered its Windows Hello feature to let you sign into your Windows 10 PC with a PIN, fingerprint, or facial recognition. But when you’re at the login screen, you’ll notice that signing in with a password is still available. That’s fine if you want your password as a backup method for authentication, but if a hacker ever compromises your Windows password and gains access to your computer, they could easily sign in with your account. One way to guard against this is to remove the password option from the login screen in Windows 10. You can do that with the Windows 10 May 2020 Update, aka Windows 10 2004. Here are the steps.

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First, make sure you’re running Windows 10 version 2004. To check, go to Settings | System | About. Look in the section for Windows specifications. If the version says 2004 or higher, you’re set (Figure A).

Figure A

If you don’t have Windows 10 2004 and want to install it, go to Update & Security and Windows Update. If the Feature Update To Windows 10, Version 2004 is ready for your PC, click the Download And Install link to apply it (Figure B).

Figure B

After the update is installed, make sure you’ve enabled some means of Windows Hello authentication so you don’t need to rely on your Windows password. If necessary, go to Settings | System | Sign-in Options. If you haven’t already done so, set up a PIN, or a fingerprint, or facial recognition (Figure C).

Figure C

Scroll down the Sign-in Options screen. Make sure the switch for Require Windows Hello Sign-in For Microsoft Accounts is turned off (Figure D).

Figure D

Sign out of Windows and then go back to the sign in screen. Click the link for Sign-in Options. Select each of the icons and notice that the option for password is available as usual (Figure E). Sign into Windows using your preferred method.

Figure E

Go to Settings | Account | Sign-in Options. Scroll down the screen and turn on the switch for Require Windows Hello Sign-in For Microsoft Accounts (Figure F).

Figure F

Sign out of Windows. Back at the sign-in screen, click the link for Sign-in Options. Select each of the icons, and you’ll find that the option for password is now no longer accessible (Figure G).

Figure G