How to transfer photos from a phone to a PC with the Microsoft Photos Companion app

Microsoft's new Photos Companion app allows iOS and Android users to transfer photos and videos from a phone to a Windows 10 PC over Wi-Fi.

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Building a slide deck, pitch, or presentation? Here are the big takeaways:
  • Microsoft's Photos Companion app works with Microsoft Photos in Windows 10 to transfer photos and videos from a phone to a PC over Wi-Fi.
  • The Microsoft Photos Companion app is available for iOS and Android.

On Thursday, Microsoft released the Photos Companion app, which works with Microsoft Photos in Windows 10 to allow the transfer of photos and videos from a phone to a PC over Wi-Fi using a scanned code.

Photos Companion--a Microsoft Garage project--can help marketing, social media, and other professionals more easily upload and edit photo and video projects. Users can start a video or photo project in the Photos app on the PC, and then add more videos and photos from the phone directly into that project. This will also give users the ability to enhance and edit photos, customize them with ink, and share them on the PC.

"While we built the Photos Companion with students and educators in mind, we know it will be useful to anyone who is looking to complete an epic video project, send media to a friend's PC, or just get that one special photo onto their computer so it can be edited and turned into the next great post, cover photo, or presentation," according to a Microsoft post.

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Photos Companion uses Wi-Fi to create a connection and transfer the photos and videos from one device to another with a QR code. Here's how to use it, according to Gadgets360:

1. Connect your phone and PC to the same Wi-Fi network.

2. On your PC, open the Photos app.

3. Select Import > From mobile over Wi-Fi.

4. Point the scanner on the Photos Companion app at the QR code to begin the transfer.

If the "Import from mobile over Wi-Fi" option is not visible in the photos app on your PC, you must enable the "Show additional preview features" option from the Settings section of the Photos app.

While Photos Companion will be useful for some professionals, if you are already using Google Drive, iCloud, or OneDrive, you can already easily access your photos and videos from the cloud, without having to use the same Wi-Fi network to transfer anything, Gadgets360 noted. However, it is another step toward mobile for Microsoft, and can help users keep their content in the same system, or avoid privacy concerns in the cloud.

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