Inside NYC's digital transformation, with CTO Miguel Gamino

New York City is a smart city leader. In this full-length interview, Miguel Gamino explains how emerging technologies like 5G, automation, and IoT are shaping urban innovation.

Interview with New York City CTO Miguel Gamino

New York City is combining 5G, automation, the Internet of Things, among other technologies to improve the city, solve issues in the community, and become a role-model for other cities. TechRepublic met with New York's CTO, and former San Francisco CIO, Miguel Gamino to discuss the different programs and technologies the city uses to accomplish these goals.

Watch the full interview above, or read the transcripts below.

How NYCx unites business, community, and government to solve big problems

Gamino explains NYCx, a program that works with communities to identify urgent priorities, and encourages the brightest technologists in the world to solve these challenges

How OneNYC is the city's guidepost for business technology engagement

NYCx, part of Mayor de Blasio's OneNYC plan, uses technology to improve the way New Yorkers live, support a thriving economy, and create good-paying jobs. Gamino tells how the city's diversity drives its digital transformation.

How New York City plans to become a 5G leader

Learn what NYC is doing with 5G, one of the biggest oncoming technologies, and how they're using Governors Island as a testbed.

How New York City plans to become a smart city leader

Just because a city works on smart projects, doesn't mean it's a smart city, Gamino said. He shares NYC's smart city goals and how they plan to become a leader in this realm.

How emerging technology will shape New York City's future

Here's how major technology innovations from drones to AI to blockchain will significantly impact how New Yorkers work, live, and play.

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