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Despite a reported 20.5 million unemployed Americans, a new report from job search platform Glassdoor, Glassdoor Economic Research, examined the job market. Yes, the need for some workers has declined and the number of unemployed translates to a 30% drop in employment during the pandemic, but certain jobs are actually surging in demand, and two new roles have been created in response to COVID-19.

The two new jobs have provided new opportunities for the unemployed, but as Glassdoor noted, the new roles don’t provide enough new openings to fill the current hiring gaps.

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COVID-19: The job creator

As of May 18, 2020, Glassdoor recorded nearly 600 open jobs for the role of temperature checker, and 116 open jobs for contact tracers. These two roles, the report concluded, are likely to continue to be a job position.

An essential role, temperature takers are a shining example of the “new normal” going to work, as it is their job to take the temperature of anyone entering a facility. Glassdoor pointed out that this job has also been called “temperature checker” and “health screener.” The report added, “This role is primarily being hired by employers in the recruiting and staffing, government, healthcare industries, and private security industries. Job openings for this role have been steadily increasing in the past month.”

A contact tracer helps patients recall and identify any possible contacts, i.e. with whom they have had close contact. The contact tracer then works with the patients to educate and inform them of their potential risk and the precautions they need to take in order to protect themselves and others around them, including family, friends, essential workers, and more. Contact tracers are hired by “government and recruiting and staffing.”

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The positive

The jobs with the highest increase in job openings from March 2 to May 11, 2020 (the COVID-19 crisis) are:

  • Grocery managers

  • Warehouse managers

  • Public health advisers

  • IT specialists

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The negative

Conversely, the report also named the occupations with the biggest decline in the same period of time. These include jobs which rely on in-person interactions–severely lacking as people sheltered-in-place, worked from home, and adopted the new American practices of social distancing, wearing masks, and ordering things online. Here is the list of jobs which have been in a downward spiral:

  • Bookseller

  • Tutors

  • Catering assistants

  • Opticians

Eventually, look for the growth of some existing job positions. For instance, the report cited the increasing need for epidemiologists and home health nurses. Other jobs likely to open, as we try to flatten the curve, include building construction and those who can install physical barriers to protect employees and the public–encouraging social distancing.

As people return to offices to work, the new normal includes demand for sanitizers and an increase in office cleaners. The report noted additional job creations, which will help boost the new normal and the changing workplace during the coronavirus crisis.

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