Job postings that list Docker as a preferred skill on Indeed increased by nearly 50% last year, according to an Indeed report released on Friday. The report studied the percentage shift in the share of job postings that included Docker skills within the job posting, and the share of job searches per million for Docker in the past five years.

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Docker has become a lucrative skill in the tech industry, with the share of jobs containing Docker as a skill on Indeed increasing by 9,538% since 2014, the report found. Since that same year, the share of job searches that contain Docker increased by 1,366%.

Docker is an open-source utility tool that automates the management and function of programs inside software containers. Rather than using virtual machines, Docker containers make it easier to create and launch applications. Docker is available for Linux, Windows, and OS X hosts.

For those looking for jobs that require or prefer Docker skills, IT professionals should look towards the East and West Coasts, the report found. The top cities include San Francisco, New York, Atlanta, Washington D.C., and San Jose, California.

The companies with the most job postings for roles that require Docker skills include Accenture, Capital One, Booz Allen Hamilton, Deloitte, and LaunchCode, the report added.

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