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The DevOps Institute, which offers a variety of professional DevOps certifications, has announced a series of one-day virtual micro conferences it calls SKILup Days happening in the second quarter of 2021. SKILup days include lectures from industry leaders and DevOps professionals, as well as interactive elements that the DevOps Institute describes as being designed for networking and career opportunities. Interactive events include a virtual expo hall, raffles, scavenger hunts, attendee chats and a networking lounge where participants can interact with speakers.

“From the networking lounge to presentations from top enterprise and industry thought leaders on a wide range of DevOps-related topics, there are a variety of opportunities for attendees to learn, network and advance their careers,” said DevOps Institute CEO Jane Groll.

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Site reliability engineering

The DevOps Institute is having two SKILup days in the second quarter of 2021—one focused on site reliability engineering (SRE) and the other on low-code and no-code development.

The SRE event, scheduled for May 20, 2021, focuses on what was originally a Google in-house flavor of DevOps. Groll, writing on, describes SRE as focusing on continuous operations at the point of customer consumption, as opposed to traditional DevOps, which centers on continuous delivery at the point of deployment.

The DevOps Institute said its SRE SKILup day will be all about “how SRE incorporates aspects of software engineering and applies them to infrastructure and operations problems to create scalable and highly reliable software systems,” and will include a variety of speakers from organizations like LinkedIn, Accenture, Splunk and more.

Signups for the SRE SKILup day are now available.

Low-code and no-code development

The second event in Q2 2021 is all about low-code and no-code development, which are software tools that help non-developers build applications without needing to know how to use a particular programming language. This event is scheduled for June 24, 2021.

While a bit of a controversial idea among developers, low- and no-code software could arguably free developers up to do more important tasks while eliminating critical shortages that many companies face. The DevOps Institute’s event will help DevOps professionals learn how these platforms can “enable business analysts, office administrators, small-business owners and other people who are not software developers to build and test applications.”

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Signups for the low-code and no-code SKILup day are now open.

Additional DevOps Institute SKILup days

In addition to the two sessions happening in Q2, signups are also open for a July 22 CI/CD SKILup day. Along with those three events currently accepting registrants, the DevOps Institute has three other SKILup days scheduled for the rest of 2021 and a SKILup festival in December. Topics being covered include DevSecOps, observability and container orchestration.