MWC19 Los Angeles: Savu Technologies addresses physical safety of mobile phones

Savu Technologies has developed products that mitigate the effects of biological cell change that occurs from using smartphones.

MWC19 Los Angeles: Savu Technologies addresses physical safety of mobile phones

TechRepublic's Macy Bayern talked with Paul Ross co-founder of Savu Technologies at Mobile World Congress 2019 in Los Angeles about Savu's solutions to protect cell phone users from cell damage. The following is an edited transcript of the conversation. 

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Paul Ross: Cell phone technology and SafeWave technology is basically technology which is founded on research by the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. We are here to make safe technology for mobile phones, and to address the potential biological cell change from using mobile phones.

We have a range of two products, which are tags and cases for Apple products. And we have an agreement with Arrow for global manufacturing and logistics. And as I said, we have a relationship with Catholic University of America for the research.

The product mitigates against biological cell change as a result of using phones. We know that biological cell change occurs, but what we can't do is relate the cause of the biological cell change to a specific medical condition. That's one thing that people don't know.

The product itself is active and intelligent, so it actually analyzes the signal on mobile phones and decides when the protection is needed to take place. There's no effect on the use of the mobile phone and there's no effect on SAR, which is the regulation of the phone.

In terms of the market, there are about 5.1 billion users. And for independent research, 86% of the population are aware of possible health risks, and 29% are already taking action against that.

Business model: We're looking at bringing charging tags and mobile phone cases to market, B2C through an Arrow-endorsed Indiegogo crowd-fund campaign and B2B through networks where we're offering the product for exclusive network territory licenses. Brand impact on that: 74% of the population think that there's a positive brand impact for any network offering that technology as part of their offering.

Business model: We also want to go to direct integration of handset with the manufacturers in due course. We think that 62% of people will actually pay more for the phone itself if that was embedded at source.

Competition: We are the only active technology, the only intelligent technology. There's a lot of people out there with blockers or gemstones—they don't really work. We are the only one, and the IP is protected. We've built a suite of IP over the last five years.

Partners: We've got an experienced team on board. In terms of the founders, many years in business. Arrow-certified and Arrow Technology. TTP, our technology partners in Cambridge. The company is funded privately at the moment, so we're not looking for investment funds, and we will be launching on an Indiegogo campaign toward the end of the year.

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