Building a slide deck, pitch, or presentation? Here are the big takeaways:

  • Microsoft Office 365 is the most popular enterprise app, in terms of total customers and monthly unique users. — Okta, 2018
  • JAMF Software Server is the fastest growing enterprise app, seeing 389% year-over-year growth since October 2016. — Okta, 2018

Microsoft Office 365 is the most popular enterprise app, according to Okta research released Wednesday.

Office 365 had the most customers and monthly active unique users from October 2016 to October 2017, Okta found. The number of users skyrocketed, with Office 365 constantly growing compared to the second-place app.

Other big names for communication and productivity, like G Suite and Slack, also made the list. Here are the 15 most popular enterprise apps as determined by which had the most Okta customers using the app.

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1. Microsoft Office 365

2. Salesforce

3. Amazon AWS

4. G Suite

5. Box

6. Concur

7. Slack


9. DocuSign

10. Meraki

11. Zendesk

12. DropBox

13. ADP

14. Confluence

15. ServiceNow

Eight of those apps also made the list for most popular apps when determined by number of monthly active unique users. These are the 15 most popular apps by monthly users.

1. Microsoft Office 365

2. Workday

3. ServiceNow

4. SalesForce

5. G Suite

6. Box

7. Concur

8. SuccessFactors

9. Jive

10. WebEx

11. ZScaler

12. Sharepoint

13. Slack

14. Confluence

15. Cornerstone OnDemand

Security and collaboration apps ruled the fastest growing apps list. The new names show businesses are investing in those fields, especially after several high-profile security incidents recently made headlines, Okta said.

Additionally, Slack may have competition in the team collaboration race. Although Slack made both most popular app lists, other communication apps like Workplace by Facebook and Zoom saw year-over-year growth over 160%.

Here are the 15 fastest growing apps, along with their year-over-year growth from October 2016 to October 2017.

1. JAMF Software Server (389%)

2. Cisco Spark Platform (377%)

3. KnowBe4 (290%)

4. Zoom (164%)

5. Workplace by Facebook (163%)

6. StatusPage SAML (128%)

7. Cisco Umbrella (110%)

8. DigiCert (104%)

9. InVision (97%)

10. Sophos (94%)

11. Pluralsight (90%)

12. Mimecast (83%)

13. Datadog (82%)

14. Tableau (82%)

15. CloudFlare (78%)

While big names saw overlap in the most popular categories, there was no overlap with the fastest growing list. The finding suggests that unless the most popular apps continue to innovate and provide clear value for their users, the growing apps may overtake them in coming years.