With the anniversary of the start of enforcement of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe, confidence in the effects of regulation remains mixed, according to survey results published Thursday by asset management solutions vendor Snow Software. Only 39.3% of the 3,080 employees surveyed globally said they feel their personal data is more protected since the start of enforcement.

Though GDPR is effectively a European regulation, compliance is required for international organizations that interact with consumers in Europe—as it relates to their data—even if they do not have any physical presence in EU member countries. Broken down by region, 39.6% of EMEA respondents said they feel their personal data is more protected, though only 30.1% of respondents in the US did. Oddly, 48.6% of APAC respondents said they feel their data is more protected.

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Globally, nearly three quarters (74%) of respondents said they feel that the technology industry needs more regulation, though half of respondents are either annoyed by pop-ups and opt-ins asking for consent regarding handling of personal data and information, or feel that they negatively impact productivity. Likewise, a third of respondents report that they have noticed less spam since the start of GDPR enforcement.

Younger workers are more emotionally invested in the current state of technology regulation, with 32% indicating feeling hopeful, and 29% feeling safe, while 24% said they feel vulnerable. Only 15% of younger workers indicated not having strong feelings about technology regulation, while 36% of older workers indicated the same.

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