In the war of the browsers, I find myself bouncing like a ping pong ball back and forth to land on the perfect option. And given how much time I spend within a browser, I need one that will work for me, not against me. That’s why, when I found out about Opera Workspaces (a feature that’s actually been around for some time), I got curious.

Could this be the feature that landed Opera as my browser of choice? Turns out, it was.

This feature allows you to create different workspaces for different tasks. For example, you could create workspaces for productivity, social media, news and shopping and then open related tabs within those workspaces.

To create a new workspace right-click the top icon in the left sidebar and click Manage Workspaces. In the resulting popout, click the three dot menu for the workspace you want to rename. You will be prompted to change or select an icon and then give the workspace a name. Click Save, and your workspace will be renamed.

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The same process holds true for creating a new workspace. From within the Manage Workspaces window, click Add More, select an icon and give the workspace a name.

After creating all of the workspaces you need, click the icon of the desired workspace and start opening tabs for the sites you need. Click on the next workspace and start opening related sites. It’s as simple as that.

Opera Workspaces has made browsing so much more organized and efficient for me–I no longer have to search through a mass of tabs to find the one I need. Give Opera’s Workspaces feature a try, and see if it doesn’t win you over, too.

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Image: Jack Wallen/TechRepublic