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Secure access service edge (SASE) and network-as-a-service provider Perimeter 81, announced Tuesday a new Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS) offering designed to enhance the company’s SASE platform. Perimeter 81‘s Network Traffic Control (NTC) offering is aimed at securing the network perimeter and builds upon the company’s SASE offering, which includes its Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), Zero Trust Application Access (ZTAA), and DNS Filtering products. With NTC, IT teams can create network access policies to secure network traffic inside and outside of their physical network perimeter.

“Companies are consuming security in a totally different way than they were a few years ago,” said Amit Bareket, co-founder and CEO of Perimeter 81, in a statement. “SASE is paving a way forward, providing critical scalability and meeting workforces where they are–in the office or remote.”

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As more companies migrate to the cloud and traditional firewalls struggle to keep up, the company said. Cloud-based firewalls are designed to scale as cloud usage grows, while providing IT with a holistic view of network access.

“IT departments are struggling to secure networks and resources by patching together a variety of tools, causing high overhead and human error that leads to hacking vulnerabilities,” Sagi Gidali, co-founder and CPO of Perimeter 81, said in a statement. Perimeter 81‘s FWaaS allows customers to segment layer 3 and 4 access based on user or group identity, using network policy rules. These rules provide granular control of how data flows at every layer of the network. Perimeter 81 users also can create traffic filtering rules for network objects that include addresses, users, groups and services.

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“We’re living in the era of hybrid work,” Bareket siad. “It is even more crucial to ensure that employees are working securely. With our new offering, we can help our customers meet their security needs with a cloud-based firewall that secures their network and resources from incoming attacks.”

Based in Tel-Aviv, Perimeter 81 was founded by two Isreali Defense Forces (IDF) intelligence unit alumni and serial entrepreneurs, CEO Amit Bareket and CPO Sagi Gidali. Perimeter 81 has offices in New York and California. Its clients range in size from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations across a variety of sectors.