Think you’ll never need Bitcoin? Think again. Though the virtual currency isn’t yet mainstream, the technology at the heart of Bitcoin is undeniably powerful. Bitcoin has carved a few niche markets, including futurists, hackers, and black market profiteers.

Fueled by Bitcoin, one of those markets, ransomware, is on the rise. Danny Palmer, writing for ZDNet, reported recently:

Ransom demands are typically made in Bitcoin, the cryptographic digital currency based on Blockchain distributed ledger technology, which offers a secure, often untraceable, method of making and receiving payments — a perfect currency for those who want their financial activities to remain hidden.

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All business is subject to hack attack. Though best practices always advise against paying ransom, sadly, companies are sometimes (and sometimes not) forced to fork over Bitcoin to decrypt essential files.

There are also dozens of above board reasons smart startups are investing in Bitcoin and the blockchain.

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