The majority (58%) of business professionals reported using more than one of the three major cloud service providers Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, according to a Kentik report released on Thursday. Multicloud deployments–where companies use cloud services from multiple different avenues, including private and hybrid clouds–are quickening, putting them on pace with or exceeding hybrid cloud deployments, as our sister site ZDNet noted.

The report surveyed more than 300 technicians and executives at the recent AWS user conference in order to gain insight into AWS user adoption rates, multicloud trends, and visibility challenges. Only 33% of respondents said they used hybrid cloud, indicating the use of this technology alone is phasing out, according to the report.

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“We’ve reached the point where cloud providers have proven effective as an alternative to the huge overhead of building, maintaining and upgrading physical infrastructure,” Jim Frey, former networking industry analyst and vice president of strategic alliances at Kentik, said in a press release. “But at the same time, the rapid expansion of public cloud use, as well as multicloud, hybrid cloud and cloud-native environments, has created new challenges for visibility and cost control.”

Some 30% of respondents cited cost management as their biggest cloud management challenge, followed by security at 22%. Additionally, 59% of respondents said they use at least two tools for visibility in their cloud applications, and 35% confirmed using three or more tools for the same purpose, according to the report.

Nearly all respondents (97%) said their organization consistently utilizes AWS for cloud management, but 35% of respondents said their organization also uses Azure, with 24% reportedly using both AWS and Google Cloud. This combination of cloud platforms shows just how prevalent and useful multicloud is in the enterprise at this point.

To learn more about how multicloud is used in business, check out TechRepublic’s multicloud cheat sheet.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • More than half (58%) of businesses are using a combination of AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud to create a multicloud network. — Kentik, 2019
  • Visibility is a huge problem for multicloud users, with some 59% of respondents reportedly using at least two tools for better visibility in cloud applications. — Kentik, 2019