Eric McCarty, VP with Mobile B2B at Samsung, spoke with TechRepublic at Samsung Unpacked 2018 about how Knox security support and multi-day battery life make Samsung’s Galaxy Watch a great choice for business users. The following is an edited transcript.

Eric McCarty:… watch and the name of the Galaxy Watch in particular. It is designed to leverage the power of the Samsung ecosystem. So we’re taking advantage of Galaxy as a brand but really highlighting the fact that, yes, this is, in fact, a watch. It is a smartwatch from the inside out.

It’s protected by Knox for our Enterprise users. It’s operating on the Tizen operating system, but we have Knox for Tizen that secures the data on the device and also helps secure how the devices are managed with an EMM partner.

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So it’s not only something I can use for personal, say to track my exercise, or some enhanced capabilities with sleep tracking. There’s reminders built into the device that help me with stress management.

I have new watch faces that give me the ability to see my schedule and use the bezel to scroll to different information about my schedule or calendar events throughout the day.

By popular demand, we have two sizes of this watch. So it’s trended very well with both men and women to have both of those sizes and have all the different types of bands available.

And most importantly, we’re giving it the power that it needs from a battery perspective, so you can count on the watch to be able to be on when you need it to be on for up to several days with just one full charge.