Securonix, AWS partner on new cloud-native SIEM solution

AWS customers will be able to connect their accounts to Securonix's AWS-hosted SaaS security software using what it calls a "bring your own cloud" model.


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Cybersecurity firm Securonix has announced a new level to its collaboration with AWS that will allow AWS customers to use Securonix security information and event management (SIEM) software without ever leaving their current AWS hosting solutions. Securonix describes the new collaborative product as a "bring your own cloud" program "providing customers with deployment options that are aligned with their cloud strategies, data retention requirements and overall business needs."

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SIEM products are considered a key piece of cybersecurity software in today's cloud-native business world, together with network detection and response and endpoint detection and response applications. SEIM software, like NDR and EDR products, comb through massive amounts of data to detect suspicious activity, allowing security teams to respond in real time to new threats. 

Securonix describes its next-gen SIEM platform as software that "combines log management; user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA); and security orchestration, automation and response into a complete, end-to-end security operations platform." 

Workforce distribution, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, is giving businesses another reason to think about cloud-native security solutions, said Securonix CTO Tanuj Gulati. "Too often, SOC teams rely on the same tools they used on-premises, which fail to deliver clear integration and visibility into multiple technology layers in the cloud," Gulati said. 

It's new bring-your-own-cloud solution, Securonix said, aims to bridge the gap between on-premise software and cloud hosting. The SIEM software provided by Securonix runs on its AWS account, but connects to customer AWS accounts. Securonix also said that the solution, which is fully managed and run from its own AWS account: 

  • Gives customers total control and ownership of their own data: "Data is collected, processed and stored in their own AWS environments."
  • Has a transparent cost structure because customers pay AWS directly for compute and storage costs, which Securonix said "results in no unexpected markup costs."
  • Allows users to consolidate their AWS spending by leveraging AWS Marketplace. SIEM workloads "will directly contribute to their AWS spend and still include the benefits of the Securonix SaaS SIEM offering.

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This new offering from Securonix is available now, and interested parties can sign up by contacting Securonix directly, or by enrolling via the AWS marketplace. 

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