Modern businesses rely on good networks, and it’s unlikely that’s going to change in the near future. In fact, the dramatic shift to remote and hybrid-style work is actually likely to accelerate the need for good networking technology and standards.

These five TechRepublic Premium downloads can help businesses large and small enact the right networking policies and hire the right people, as well as helping managed service providers and network professionals maintain their infrastructure without neglecting important steps. 

Checklist: True network and systems security requires starting with fundamentals

Proper network security can never be achieved if even a single device or service is left unprotected or a proper disaster plan isn’t in place. This list takes network security professionals through all of the potential elements of a network that may need to be secured so they can start at the most essential level: Ensuring endpoints aren’t neglected.

MSP best practices: Network switch and router maintenance checklist

Good security isn’t static: It requires vigilance, constant updating, and regular maintenance of hardware that can become compromised through software vulnerabilities and other issues. This package of two files contains an Excel spreadsheet checklist for MSPs to use when performing regular switch and router maintenance, as well as an article with details on how to implement it in your organization.

Network security policy

This sample network security policy can be adapted to fit particular business needs, and is also perfectly capable of being used out of the box. In particular, it’s designed to establish security standards for devices that transport and store sensitive data, but not the data itself.

Hiring kit: Network Administrator

A well-secured network is nothing without a well-qualified person running it. This hiring kit contains all that business leaders need to know about salary range, qualifications, and other elements to look for in a good network administrator. It’s geared toward leadership, but it’s equally as valuable to network admins looking for a new job because it’s rich in details that can help you learn what to practice and how to market yourself. 

Hiring Kit: Network Architect

Network administrators keep things running day to day, but architects are the people who make big picture decisions about the shape of the network itself, what new technologies to introduce, how to segment networks, and other key choices needed to keep things running quickly, efficiently and correctly. This guide helps spell out qualifications, as well as containing sample interview questions and a job posting template.