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As more employers realize the benefits to pandemic-induced remote work, more employees realize they’d like to continue—or begin—remote work, which has grown more than 159% since 2005. Because of the crisis, 51% of employed Americans transitioned to remote work. Flexjobs compiled a list of the top 20 most common remote titles, as well as the average expected salary for each; of the 20, seven are tech-related: engineer, program manager, consultant, project manager, web developer, data analyst, UX/UI designer.

The coronavirus affected jobs across many industries, with many nonessential positions eliminated; earlier this month, the unemployment rate in the US was 4.8 million. Fortunately, many in the tech industry were able to transition with more ease than most. Despite 25 million Americans receiving the $600 unemployment rate boost and stimulus checks, relief courtesy of the government may come to a screeching halt, as the federal CARES act is about to expire.

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Flexjobs analyzed remote job titles in its database and identified the top 20 remote jobs, and included full-time, partial, and jobs that offered employees the option to work remotely. Salaries were gathered from, which considers location, years in the field, skills, and education to determine average annual salaries.

The jobs

Here is a list of Flexjobs’ most popular work-from-home job titles, with detailed descriptions for tech-related positions (in bold):

1. Accountant. Keeps financial documents accurate, plan and achieve financial goals, handling accounts payable and receivable. Average salary: $51,208

2. Engineer Typically, engineers use science, technology, and math to design machinery, computer software, or technical equipment and “engineer” is a general name for the many types of careers: mechanical, civil, chemical, electrical, computer, software, and more. Average salary: $85,670

3. Teacher/Faculty/Tutor/Instructor. Teachers and tutors can work online with one student or a group. Average salary: $45,938

4. Writer. Flexjobs points out that writers create various forms of content, such as articles, stories, ad copy, technical manuals, and marketing collateral, and can find remote jobs with online websites, newspapers, magazines, blogs, and other companies that need content. Average salary: $49,804

5. Consultant Consultants generally need to have a strong CV, with years of experience in their area of expertise. They are problem solvers, as they locate areas within an organization that need improvement and complete projects. Business, education, healthcare, and IT industries commonly hire consultants. Average salary: $87,476

6. Program Manager Companies are reliant on program managers to oversee tasks and projects that contribute to the organization’s overall business objective, as they ensure the implementation of strategies and considerations for the return of the company’s investment. Average salary: $52,044

7. Project Manager Project managers are tacticians for company projects, and are relied upon to meet deadlines, as they track budgets, delegate duties, and deliveries made in a timely way. Average salary: $74,230

8. Customer Service Representative. They assist customers or clients and answer questions, many things applicable to remote work, including chats, email and social media. Average salary: $38,807

9. Business Development Manager. They find new business to increase revenue by writing proposals, finding sales leads, and making sales pitches. This role requires communication and networking skills. Average salary: $73,000

10. Account Manager/Account Executive. Responsible for managing and overseeing client relationships, and solicit general sales through up-selling and cross-selling. Average salary: $54,371

11. Recruiter. They look for candidates for open jobs. Average salary: $50,452.

12. Sales Representative. They sell products and services. They make presentations and demonstrations, participate in sales meetings, and stay up-to-date on product information. Average salary: $47,749

13. Web Developer A web developer can work in nearly any industry, as long as the targeted business needs a well-crafted website. They apply coding and graphic-design skills. Businesses want expertise with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and APIs. Average salary: $59,578

14. Medical Coder. They assign codes to diagnoses and procedures on medical charts, and very often work from home, for hospitals, clinics, and doctors. Average salary: $42,297

15. Territory Sales Manager. Duties include developing sales prospects, creating sales strategies, maintaining customer relationships, and meeting sales goals. This popular remote job is typically assigned to a specific region or territory and may require travel. Average salary: $63,903.

16. Nurse. Telehealth platforms hire nurses to assist patients by using phone, video conference, message and email to answer questions and instruct patients on treatments and give general advice. Average salary: $64,618

17. Data Analyst A data analyst can fuel critical decisions with data. They collect data, analyze and observe patterns in data, then compile findings, and draft reports. Average salary: $60,530

18. Editor. They correct typos and grammar errors, and rewrite content to make it stronger. Average salary: $52,422

19. Case Manager. They assess patients or clients and help them find resources. Average salary: $40,876

20. UX/UI Designer Businesses consider this an essential position because a UX/UI designer focus is on facilitating a product’s user experience and user interface. A UX/UI designer will develop flowcharts, produce code and scripts, and prototype concepts, among other duties. Average salary: $73,993


Flexjobs offered job seekers tips, strategies to employ when looking for one of the designated tech-related work-from-home positions:

  • Search for variations on job titles. There isn’t a universal term for most of the positions, job titles may be different for the same position. Flexjobs suggests job seekers input the title they want in the search field, and then gather details you also want to include before a second search. An example is how teacher, educator, and instructor are interchangeable when searching teaching-related remote jobs; different employers use different terminology.

  • Use your network. This isn’t the time to be humble, shy, or coy. Tap your resources and contact former colleagues, clients, your alumni association, friends, and family. Network these relationships, and you might find Flexjobs’ notes, “hidden opportunities.” You’ll also need professional and character referrals, so why not give them a heads up by letting them know what you’re looking for?

  • Use social media. While initially purely social and not work related, social media has now become an essential tool for job searches. Businesses that have many remote programs rely on social media to look for employees. Familiar social media sites once used only to connect to friends and family have incorporated groups and pages related to specific jobs. Be sure you keep your CV or resume up-to-date and professional, don’t rely on just a single source, be active on several platforms and don’t forget to follow the companies you’re most interested in.

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