Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many companies were forced to quickly transition from the traditional office to the digital workplace. Months into the coronavirus pandemic, the grand work experiment of 2020 continues. While some companies provided employees with a “one-time remote allowance” to assist with setting up their home office, not all newly remote workers were so lucky. Fortunately, there are many affordable solutions to help employees create a more comfortable and efficient working environment at home. 

Lap desks are great ergonomic home office accessories, especially for telecommuters who’d rather not be tethered to a desk and prefer to work in different locations throughout the day. These accessories also function as portable drawing tables and reading desks for a little leisurely relaxation after the workday. Without further ado, here are the seven of the best lap desks to power you through the remote workday and beyond.

HUANUO Adjustable Lap Desk

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This HUANUO model is one of the more versatile lap desks on the market. The real standout feature is the adjustable tilt capability. Overall, the surface can be tilted in six positions. This gives users greater control over the viewing and typing angles during use. Additionally, this adjustable feature allows this unit to double as a portable drawing table for those who enjoy a little arts and leisure after the workday. This sleek lap desk with a black matte finish offers a more professional aesthetic than some popular models with thick padding and high-gloss plastic surfaces. The detachable mouse pad can be utilized on either side of the lap desk to accommodate left- or right-handed people.

Sofia + Sam Multi Tasking Memory Foam Lap Desk

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While some lap desks incorporate hundreds of small styrofoam beads for padding, this Sofia + Sam product uses memory foam for a better overall fit. The plush pad quickly contours to the shape of your thighs as you move throughout the day for lasting comfort.

This particular model features plenty of thoughtful design touches. The included mouse tray has a small recess for a smartphone allowing users to observe those important messages and app notifications in their peripheral.

As an added bonus, this unit also comes with a detachable USB light. This is a great option for laptops without a backlit keyboard or individuals who prefer to wind down with a little casual reading in the evening. Four AA batteries situated inside of the cushion power the USB port.


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This lap desk has been stylized with an appreciatively low-profile design. Rather than extending the surface area with slide-out components, this lap desk makes room for everything you’ll need on top. This model features a recessed mouse tray rather than an extendable component along the side. This slight indentation prevents the mouse from tumbling off of the lap desk as you shift positions throughout the day. Small onboard nooks along the ledge are designed to keep smartphones, pens, and other work accessories within reach.

HUANUO Lap Laptop Desk with Anti-Slip Strip & Storage Function

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At 17-inches wide, this particular model can accommodate smaller laptops with plenty of room to spare for an external mouse or a steno pad. A thick ergonomic pad along the front lip supports the wrist during word processing and web browsing minimizing strain and fatigue. The front edge of the unit features a pair of adjustable storage pockets, allowing users to maximize the surface area and then some. Many lap desks include more uniform flat pads along the backside, however, this model features a more angular cushion. This is a great option for reading or individuals who prefer to have the laptop screen elevated and angled a bit more. 

Sofia + Sam Oversized Memory Foam Lap Desk for Laptops

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Not everyone in the market for a new lap desk is necessarily shopping with surface area in mind, however, for some, this specification is key. At more than 21-inches in length, this particular model can accommodate even the largest laptops on the market with room to spare. Others who prefer to jot out handwritten notes and reminders throughout the day will also appreciate the ample peripheral space. It’s important to note that this unit is missing the ergonomic pad present along the front of many popular models. While not completely necessary for all tasks, it does help keep the laptop from sliding forward during use. A minimal but noteworthy absence to consider.

AboveTEK Portable Laptop Lap Desk

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AboveTEK takes a streamlined and minimalist approach with this particular lap desk design. Without a thick pad along the back and a total weight of just two-pounds, this unit easily stows in a traditional backpack. This thoughtful design touch will certainly speak to travelers and telecommuters who split the day between the home office and the coffee shop. Extendable mouse trays situated on both sides easily slide in and out of the core compartment and the textured, anti-slip surface prevents laptops from sliding around during use.

LapGear Home Office Lap Desk with Device Ledge

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Anyone who has used some traditional lap desks for extended periods knows all too well how warm the cushion can become due to our natural body heat and the laptop running on top. This model incorporates a dual cushion design along the bottom to optimize airflow during use. The dedicated mouse pad offers plenty of room to work and a small recess for a smartphone keeps the cellular sidekicks in close proximity. A slim lip along the bottom prevents the laptop from inching forward during use; a small but much-appreciated touch for word processing tasks.