Bad tech movies you might want to watch this weekend

When Hollywood tackles tech, we cringe.

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Odds are if you're watching this, you know something about tech, and if you know something about tech, watching movies about tech can be a big problem. Why? Hollywood doesn't always do its research.

Nevertheless, a bad movie can also be a fun movie. Here's our count down of our top four worst tech movies.

4. Coming in at no. 4 is The Net. It was 1995 -- computer analyst Sandra Bullock was mispronouncing the word "modem" and looking at classified files. When the bad guys find out, they start erasing her identity and it turns into a whole thing. The execution wasn't great, but it gets points for anticipating how scary online identity issues can be.

3. Let's talk about Johnny Mnemonic. Keanu Reeves plays a courier slash human flashdrive. His brain can only hold 80 gigs, so when he finds himself at capacity, he's got to get the data out before he suffers brain damage. Life before the cloud was rough, guys.

2. We have 2001's Swordfish. This one has lots of fast typing while characters talk about encryption and nuclear weapons. Plus, a ton of small tech details that just aren't quite right. And in case you didn't know, Hugh Jackman is a really gifted hacker.

1. And coming it at no. 1, is the 2006 Harrison Ford movie Firewall. This one's an office favorite. Ford manages to derail a hacker with one line of code, and later in the movie, uses a detached fax machine scanner connected to an iPod to lift account numbers off a computer monitor. Because that's how this stuff works!

Do you have favorite bad tech movies or general complaints about our list? Tell us in the comments.

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