When most people think of Windows CE software, they tend to think of the programs that come with various handheld devices. Contrary to popular opinion, however, there are many cool Windows CE programs that you can download for free. Today, I’ll list some of my favorites. All of the following programs can be downloaded from Shareware.

PalmGB is a program that allows Windows CE devices to emulate a Nintendo Game Boy. Using an add-on device, you can copy Game Boy games onto your Windows CE machine. You can also download Game Boy-type games from other Web sites.

This program is a fully functional version of Symantec’s pcAnywhere. It allows you to control any desktop PC or network server remotely via TCP/IP, dial-up, or serial connections.

Bfax Pro
Bfax Pro allows you to send and receive faxes from your Windows CE device. The program works with a standard modem or with a cellular link.

HPC Spell 2.3
This handy program adds spell check capabilities to your Windows CE device. It’s compatible with all of the Pocket Office programs.

JetCet Print Professional
Unfortunately, under normal circumstances, Windows CE lacks print capabilities. But JetCet Print Professional allows you to print documents from your Windows CE device. This program even supports color printing.

PPCSnap allows Windows CE to take screen captures. This program is very handy for documenting system settings or for producing training materials.

Auto Graph
If you use Pocket Excel routinely, you’ve probably noticed that it doesn’t include the graphing capabilities of the desktop version. Auto Graph adds those graphing capabilities to Pocket Excel.

This program translates various spoken languages. With add-on modules, it can translate between any two of the following languages: English, Spanish, German, and French.

DOS for Windows CE
This program is a DOS emulator for Windows CE. You can use it to execute all of the standard DOS commands.

Jzip allows you to manipulate ZIP files. Using this program, you can decompress Zip files directly onto your Windows CE device.

The KillMe program allows you to terminate “stuck” processes. That way, you can free up processor cycles and memory.

I’ve listed only a few of my favorite Windows CE utilities, but there are hundreds of utilities that you can download, including countless games and business programs. So, visit Shareware and see what you can find.

Brien M. Posey is an MCSE who works as a freelance technical writer and as a network engineer for the Department of Defense. If you’d like to contact Brien, send him an e-mail. (Because of the large volume of e-mail he receives, it’s impossible for him to respond to every message. However, he does read them all.)

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