Ubuntu is a great Linux distribution that is soon to become even better. Already it’s stable, secure, and user-friendly, so what’s about to change? Recently I received an interesting question about Ubuntu. The question was about the best way to update and install apps on Ubuntu. That’s where one major improvement is about to happen.

The thing that needs to be considered, for Ubuntu, is that they are migrating over to GNOME in 17.10, which means the now-defunct Ubuntu Software Center is officially switching to GNOME Software. This is a good thing on so many levels. First off, the Ubuntu Software Center has been broken for a long time. Also, with the old system, you had to install software from one tool and upgrade software from another. Now, thanks to the new GNOME Software tool, everything happens in one happy location.

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That, of course, doesn’t mean you can’t work from within the command line. With Ubuntu Linux, the apt command is perfectly capable of handling your installation and upgrade needs. Fortunately, for those who have been using Ubuntu for a while, the apt tools are not changing. And if you really want to keep your system running smoothly, look into the ucaresystem-core tool that not only upgrades your system, but removes old kernels and cleans various cache directories.

But for those who prefer not to dive into the realm of the command line, the Software GUI tool will be there to handle both your installation and upgrade needs. You only have be running at least Ubuntu 17.10 to enjoy this streamlined process.