A company’s success may depend more on company culture than money, according to a Comparably report released on Wednesday. The report analyzed the work culture of some of the biggest tech unicorns–private companies that are valued at more than $1 billion. As of January 2019, more than 300 unicorns exist worldwide across industries, according to CB Insights.

However, number signs are not the only factor in determining a business unicorn, the report found. Workplace culture can make a much larger impact in a company’s ability to successfully grow. The report compiled a culture scorecard based on employee ratings and reviews for 20 of the most popular US unicorns.

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Using ratings from more than 1,000 employees, the report graded each company on a 100-point scale in nine key areas: Overall culture, CEO, gender, diversity, employee net promoter score (eNPS), compensation, happiness, perks and benefits, and professional development. The company with the highest overall culture score was UiPath (92/100), while the lowest was Instacart (54/100).

Here are the top 20 unicorns identified in the report, in order of highest overall culture score, to the lowest:

  1. UiPath (92/100)
  2. TripActions (92/100)
  3. Fanatics (86/100)
  4. SmileDirect Club (84/100)
  5. Avant (84/100)
  6. ZipRecruiter (83/100)
  7. Slack (82/100)
  8. Palantir (79/100)
  9. WeWork (73/100)
  10. CreditKarma (72/100)
  11. Pinterest (72/100)
  12. Uber (72/100)
  13. Airbnb (72/100)
  14. Lyft (71/100)
  15. SpaceX (70/100)
  16. Zenefits (67/100)
  17. Postmates (67/100)
  18. Compass (63/100)
  19. DoorDash (60/100)
  20. Instacart (54/100)

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Company culture can be a bigger indicator of an organization’s longevity and success than money. — Comparably, 2019
  • The companies with the highest overall company culture scores include UiPath, TripActions, and Fanatics. — Comparably, 2019