Image: Angela Lang/CNET

Social media app TikTok is reportedly launching a jobs service that will help connect its largely Generation Z user base with companies seeking employees, as well as helping brands use TikTok as a recruitment channel. The pilot program was reported by Axios, citing its sources at TikTok, but since there hasn’t been a formal statement from TikTok, details on the program are sparse and should be taken with a grain of salt until the social media company formally announces its plan. According to Axios, TikTok is already beta testing the service with a group of large companies, and other large organizations, such as professional sports leagues, have been asked about participating.

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The new feature isn’t directly integrated with TikTok, either: It’s actually a website accessible from the TikTok app where organizations can post jobs geared toward TikTok users, most of whom are part of the Gen Z cohort that has only recently begun entering the job market.

Users who apply for a job through the site can post a TikTok video in lieu of a resume, which Axios describes as “for users to give an elevator pitch or work experience summary via the video in a unique way.” TikTokers will also be able to publish their resumes to their TikTok profile.

Generation Z, commonly considered to be those born between the mid-to-late 1990s through the early 2010s, have been particularly hard hit by job losses resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. According to April 2021 data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment among the group remains high, roughly double that of the general population, despite a drop in unemployment as the pandemic has waned.

The new program from TikTok may not actually change user behavior that much: TikTok users have already been found posting video resumes to the social media site in a bid to stand out from the crowd, and it has worked for some.

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In fact, that’s the very reason why TikTok is reportedly launching the program, with a TikTok executive having recently taken to LikedIn to say that it was inspired to create a more formal way for users to find jobs in response to a Washington Post article describing how a large number of young people were turning to TikTok for resume and interview tips.