As companies increasingly move business-critical workloads to the cloud, concerns about security and visibility rise, according to a Monday report from Keysight Technologies and Dimensional Research.

Some 84% of the 338 IT professionals surveyed worldwide said their companies grew their public cloud workloads in 2018, the report found. And while 76% said that monitoring the performance of their public cloud infrastructure is either moderately or very important, less than 20% said they can monitor these public environments properly–in terms of having complete and timely access to network packets.

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Here are the top concerns professionals have for applications deployed in the public cloud, according to the report:

  1. Visibility into data and application traffic (65%)
  2. Secure delivery of cloud traffic to on-premises monitoring solutions (61%)
  3. Ability to filter cloud traffic before sending to data center (34%)
  4. Access to network packet details (34%)
  5. Access to network packets flowing across containers (32%)

The lack of cloud visibility has led to a number of security issues for companies, according to the report. Over the last year, IT professionals reported that a lack of visibility into public or private cloud has created delays troubleshooting application performance issues (48%) and network performance issues (40%), an application outage (38%), inability to monitor performance workloads in the cloud (31%), and a network outage (31%).

Cloud visibility leads to direct business value for 99% of companies, the report found, including by helping monitoring solutions identify performance degradation (60%), enabling threat prevention solutions to identify malicious traffic by source (59%), and allowing security monitoring solutions to detect indicators of compromise (57%).

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