Project management software or tools streamline and fast-track project team performance. Check out these eight top-rated cloud-based project management tools and see if one has the features your organization needs. All of these project management solutions are web-based and offer customizable role-based dashboards, business intelligence, and reporting capabilities; each one is accessible from mobile devices.


ActiveCollab focuses on helping companies gain full control over projects by making it easy to organize teams, helping to implement internal processes, and allowing teams and stakeholders to know when each stage of the project is due. ActiveCollab offers annual pricing and monthly pricing; annual pricing starts at $6.25 per month, and monthly pricing $4 per month. A free trial is available.

Key features of ActiveCollab include:

  • Visual workload management that improves overall team performance
  • Communication and collaboration tools to keep all stakeholders in the loop
  • Project and task tracking and monitoring that help teams focus their efforts
  • Billing tools that track billable hours for all projects and create invoices


Asana focuses on the goals, projects, and daily tasks to help teams keep things moving in the right direction by helping you plan and structure your workload, follow tasks, track deadlines, and keep teams aligned. Asana has a free trial and plans starting at $10.99 per month.

Key features of Asana include:

  • Visual workflow management to build and track your processes
  • Project management and collaboration tools to manage your teams, resources, and timeline
  • Agile management tools to track launches and iterations and help with sprint planning
  • Digital kanban boards to easily track progress and quickly identify roadblocks


Celoxis is a complete and customizable project management and collaboration solution that helps you manage resources, schedules, forecasting, and task tracking. This solution also assists with capacity planning and risk management. Celoxis offers a cloud solution starting at $25 per month or $22.50 per month, as well as an on-premises version starting at $450 per month per /user, billed once. A free trial is available.

Key features of Celoxis include:

  • Capacity planning and resource management to balance workloads
  • Project planning and activity monitoring
  • Project finance forecasting and management
  • Team collaboration to help keep track of who is working on which tasks


LiquidPlanner helps you and your team adapt to embrace uncertainty as changes happen and reduce risks by enhancing team collaboration and communication. Your team can spend less time providing status updates and instead focus on doing higher-value work. LiquidPlanner offers a professional and enterprise pricing model. For pricing details, contact LiquidPlanner.

Key features of Liquid Planner include:

  • Automated scheduling and forecasting that anticipates your strategic moves
  • Automated resource-leveling adjusts based on resource availability
  • Estimation of time to complete tasks
  • Team collaboration to help keep everyone up to date on project status

Kantana Cloud

Kantata considers itself a modern project and collaboration platform that helps your company enhance operational and financial performance. The solution focuses primarily on service-based businesses. Kantata offers four pricing tiers starting at $19 per month: Teams, Professional, Premier, and Enterprise. A free trial is available on the Teams and Professional tiers.

Key features of Kantata include:

  • Project-wide visibility to help you understand everything better and make informed decisions
  • Automated processes to remove manual work, data silos, and save time and money
  • Project Pulse to reveal the real-time health of a project is a Work OS that gives you and your team confidence to run projects and workflows and manage all aspects of the project lifecycle from start to finish with ease. offers a wide range of annual and monthly pricing models, starting with a basic free account through to an enterprise account; annual pricing is discounted.

Key features of include:

  • Automated workflows to help teams reduce errors and complete value-added work
  • Workflow management to identify over and under-utilized resources
  • Project collaboration tools to keep stakeholders connected at all times
  • End-to-end project and task management


Wrike is scalable collaboration and project management software that helps you and your teams plan, manage, and gain visibility into all projects. It simplifies project planning and collaboration. Wrike offers a basic free account, plus three monthly pricing models–Professional, Business, and Enterprise–that start at $9.80 per month per user. A free trial is available for all three pricing plans.

Key features of Wrike include:

  • Collaborative work management to increase productivity and enhance team collaboration
  • Customized workflows that provide a clear picture of work progress, without manual emails
  • Wrike’s Proof tool to streamline collaboration and visually share feedback and digital assets
  • End-to-end project and task management


Workfront is a project management solution that helps you and your teams connect projects to company-wide strategy; it also manages tasks, resources, scheduling, and automates workflows. Workfront offers four pricing models, Team, Pro, Business, and Enterprise. Contact Workfront for pricing.

Key features of Workfront include:

  • Resource management tools to address resourcing gaps
  • Project and task management to help your teams excel
  • Automated workflows that handle routing, reporting, approvals, and enforce compliance
  • Collaboration tools that keep everyone in sync and improve decision-making