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Top kitchen gadget gifts that will make anyone want to cook

From novice to pro--anyone can enjoy cooking with the right tools.

Selecting the perfect gift for home cooks will be easy this holiday season. Whether you're looking for time-saving devices, fun food gizmos, or tools that will enhance someone's cooking game, we have you covered. 

Check out the following game-changing kitchen gadget gifts, sure to help any budding chef cook like a pro--or at least have fun while trying. Be sure to check out all of TechRepublic's holiday gift guides

Immersion sous vide cooker

Anova Precision Cooker Nano 
Image: Anova

The Anova Precision Cooker Nano will lift home chefs to fine-dining levels by helping them become sous vide experts. Sous vide, a cooking technique popular with professional chefs, works by circulating heated water in a pot, cooking food to an exact set temperature. With the immersion sous vide cooker, you simply attach the device to any large pot or water-filled container, and it heats water to the temperature within 0.1 degree accuracy. Plus, its compact size fits comfortably in a utensil drawer saving much-needed counter space.

$129 at Anova

Softshell ice cream ball

YayLabs softshell ice cream ball
Image: Amazon

You won't need to exercise after eating ice cream made with the YayLabs softshell ice cream ball, since you put in some cardio while making this frozen treat. The ice cream ball has separate compartments where in one compartment you can mix together ingredients like heavy cream, sugar and vanilla, for example; and then ice and rock salt go in the other compartment. Once the ball is full and closed, you can shake, roll, or play your way to a pint or a quart of homemade ice cream in about 30 minutes. Built-in handles make opening the ends of the ball easy. The wide and shallow canister makes it simple to stir ingredients and even scoop out the finished ice cream. A recipe booklet is included.

$40 at Amazon

Non-stick divided skillet

MasterPan non-stick divided skillet
Image: Amazon

Imagine cooking dinner for five people who want to eat five different meals, which means cooking with five different pans. Now, imagine that it can be done using only one pan. It's possible with the MasterPan non-stick divided skillet. Thanks to the 15-inch pan's multi-sectional design, the skillet can cook up to five different foods all on one burner. Whether you are cooking five meals for multiple eaters or just a large breakfast for yourself, this oven and dishwasher safe pan will help you cook faster and clean less. 

$43 at Amazon

Electrical spice pen

CinniBird electrical spice pen
Image: CinniBird

You don't need barista training to turn a mug of coffee into a work of art. Just fill the battery operated CinniBird electrical spice pen with, say, cinnamon or instant cocoa powder, press the button, and draw or write a crafty message on top of your favorite beverage. Fill it with colored sugar or cinnamon to decorate desserts, or paprika or ground herbs to garnish savory items. The options--and fun--are endless. 

$24 at CinniBird

Dual breakfast sandwich maker

Hamilton Beach dual breakfast sandwich maker
Image: Amazon

It doesn't matter if you prefer scrambled eggs and American cheese on a biscuit or maybe ham, Gruyere, and a poached egg on a croissant, the Hamilton Beach dual breakfast sandwich maker can cook up a customized sandwich for the most discerning palates. Simply build the base of your sandwiches in the bottom layer, place the egg, and your sandwich's top layer on the upper cooking plate, and close the lid. Five minutes later you'll find your sandwiches  ready to eat. All removable parts of the sandwich maker are dishwasher safe, and surfaces are covered with durable, non-stick coating.

$40 at Amazon

Avocado hugger

Avocado savers by Food Huggers
Image: Amazon

Avocados taste great spread on toast, mixed in smoothies, placed on salads, and so much more. Unfortunately, once an avocado is cut open it starts decaying--fast. The silicone avocado savers by Food Huggers provide avocados with an extra lifeline and are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic food storage containers, plastic wrap, and wax paper. The avocado hugger flexes and folds over an avocado (with or without the seed) creating an air-tight seal to preserve the avocado--so it will stay ripe in time for your next meal. 

$12 at Amazon

Smoking gun

Williams-Sonoma's Breville smoking gun
Image: Williams-Sonoma

Love the taste of smoked food, but hate the idea of using an outdoor smoker during winter? Consider instead using the Breville smoking gun, which infuses foods and drinks with natural applewood or hickory flavors without the extra heat--indoors. Simply place smoking wood chips in the burn chamber, light, and then use the flexible hose to add smoke to foods in any closed container--from resealable bags to cocktail shakers. From Williams-Sonoma, the smoking gun is gentle enough for use on fruits and vegetables, as well as proteins. It comes with two 0.5-oz. jars of smoking wood chips (one applewood, one hickory) and requires batteries for operation. 

$100 at Williams-Sonoma