We’re really excited about the opportunity to use 5G, in particular for use cases in transportation and public safety,” Sean Harrington, VP City Solutions at Verizon, tells TechRepublic’s Teena Maddox. “In transportation in particular there is opportunity to collect information about what’s happening around intersections. So, the detection of people and vehicles, and feeding that information in real time, in low-latency, so single, millisecond latency, back into vehicles, and the signal timing system. So that’s one use case we’re particularly excited about.”

“In public safety, we see a tremendous opportunity to take the old video surveillance model and augment it significantly, by being able to back-haul video and process video closer to the edge of the network with 5G.,” he continues. “Whereas today, if you’re police department and you want to be able to increase your situational awareness with video, it’s very difficult to do in a city environment because you can’t get connectivity that you need to back all that video data.

“So we’re particularly excited about use-cases in transportation and in being able to collect information about what’s happening on the roads, in real time, as well as in public safety.

“It’s going to open up opportunities that we don’t even know about, sitting here today. We have a lot we can do today. We’re out using 4G and LTE to help improve the lives of citizens around cities with our technology. But it will be absolutely game changing, as we see 5G rolled out across cities around the country. It is going to absolutely open up use-cases that we simply couldn’t address today.

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“We announced 5G Home, which is the first commercial 5G broadband Internet service available in the country. It is available in four cities: Sacramento, Indianapolis, Houston, and Los Angeles. People who live in those cities can go first to 5G.com [https://www.verizonwireless.com/5g/home/] and see if their residence is available for the initial deployment. It is going to create a whole new world of opportunity for applications and services in the home, including enhanced video gaming, and other services that simply require the bandwidth that comes with 5G. It’s going to be provided alongside a YouTube video service for three months free, and an in-home device, in an Apple TV or Google Chromecast.”