The first real world tests of 5G wireless service are happening. And in a few years we’ll all be surfing on multi-gigabit wireless connections.

So what will that mean–besides the end of Netflix buffering?

Here are the top five ways 5G’s gonna change things:

1. Mobile first will go from a new way of looking at usage to the dominant reality. We’ll be mobile first all the time since high bandwidth can be available anywhere.

2. Virtual and augmented reality will become a reality. There will be enough bandwidth to accommodate high resolution useful experiences. Think things like medical imaging and expert systems, not just games.

3. No more wires! Your workforce can take fast bandwidth with them out in the field, and have it at home. That saves money on operational costs and gives you a lot more flexibility.

4. Real-time cloud processing. The distinction between what happens on your device and in the cloud will start to disappear. As long as you have connectivity you’ll have almost unlimited storage and massive processing power.

5. Video will be easy for everyone. Real-time video interaction means easier remote troubleshooting and high quality video interaction for meetings, marketing, and customer support.

It makes me salivate a little to think of all that bandwidth available over the air at the coffee shop at the park or even at work.