What pros need to know about SAP's 5 new machine learning services

SAP has expanded its Leonardo Machine Learning capabilities, making it easier for companies to leverage the next-generation technology.

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SAP has expanded its SAP Leonardo Machine Learning platform to enable developers and data scientists to create more sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) tools and drive business value. The updates come alongside a new investment in intelligent robotic process automation (RPA) intended to help eliminate time-intensive manual tasks across the firm's portfolio, as noted in a Tuesday press release.

The company touted its SAP Conversational AI as its true enterprise-grade offer, giving users a platform for building custom bots for their business. It's due out in late October 2018, the release said, but SAP is working on other AI products as well.

The machine learning capabilities available through SAP are intended to give data scientists a new option for creating and customizing their own machine learning models, the release said. Here are five new machine learning services that SAP has planned for release sometime before the end of 2018:

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  1. Scene text recognition: This service pulls the text available in images or movie scenes to make it easier for the user to read. This could make it easier to read a product name in an odd font, for example, the release said.
  2. Customizable image segmentation: Users can rely on this tool to help them recognize objects in an image and what their shape is, the release said. It's a trainable service that offers pixel-wise classification.
  3. Customizable text feature extraction: By detecting fine-grained patterns in text, this services makes it easier to match that text to similar documents.
  4. Cloud text-to-speech by Google: This service converts written text to speech.
  5. Cloud speech-to-text by Google: The opposite of the previous service, this converts speech to written text using Google's DeepMind WaveNet technology.

As noted, SAP is also focusing on RPA as well to round out its offerings and create an end-to-end automation stack, the release said. The first SAP RPA product will come to SAP S/4HANA in 2019.

"With intelligent robotic process automation, our customers will be able to achieve the high automation level necessary to become an intelligent enterprise," said Juergen Mueller, chief innovation officer at SAP, in a press release. "Machine learning acts here as the brain that is managing exceptions and guides the RPA bot to execute on desired processes."

SAP also recently announced the availability of its SAP Analytics Cloud with new machine learning capabilities. These updates make data analytics more accessible and usable in the cloud, as noted by another press release.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • SAP has unveiled five new machine learning services that make it easier for data scientists to build deployable AI tools for the enterprise.
  • SAP is making a big push into cloud-based analytics, with additional machine learning updates to its SAP Analytics Cloud platform.

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