Business analytics professionals are confident in their organizations’ data analytics proficiency, but a new MicroStrategy report released on Wednesday reveals that they still face challenges that prevent them from becoming an entirely intelligent enterprise.

According to the report, data and analytics remain a top priority in 90% of organizations’ digital transformation strategies. Because of this, investments in data and analytics are expected to accelerate within the next five years, with 71% of respondents noting plans to spend more.

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The report found that organizations are using their data and analytics to improve their core operations as well as transform their business models and their customer experiences. Some 63% of respondents noted that their organization’s analytics have improved efficiency and productivity, and 57% reported that their organizations experience faster and more effective decision making.

The push toward data analytics is leading organizations to hire additional data and analytics employees, with some 95% of respondents noting that their organizations plan to invest in hiring more personnel, according to the report.

Similarly, the report found that over half (57%) of the surveyed organizations had a Chief Data Officer (CDO). The role of a CDO is becoming increasingly needed when organizations have plans of democratising data and analytics across the organization.

The report noted that 84% of management teams have access to their organization’s data, but 48% of front-line employees did not. This hinders a group’s decision making abilities and can have a lasting effect on the bottom line, according to the report.

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Despite confidence and optimism, the report noted that many organizations are still being held back by common data privacy and security concerns. Similarly, the report found that 33% reported a lack of data democratization, and 29% lacked training on how to make the most of the influx of data.

The report noted that many of the respondents saw cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning as trends that will have the most impact on analytics initiatives within the next five years.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • A MicroStrategy report revealed that 71% of organizations ar planning on increasing their data and analytics spending within the next five years.
  • Data privacy and security, the report found, are still the biggest hurdles for organizations to reach the full potential of an intelligent enterprise