China may squash the competition in the race toward nationwide 5G coverage, according to a new report from Mobile Experts.

While Mobile Experts have studied 5G preparations for some time, strong reports coming out of China led the firm to change their forecasts to match the country’s ramp up to 5G. The report provides technical and market reviews of remote and radio head components and revenue.

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While 5G deployment will slowly spread to most of the world over several years, China is the exception, principal analyst for Mobile Experts Joe Madden said in a press release.

“Political forces are driving a huge nationwide deployment at incredible speed,” Madden said in the release. “We ran the numbers, and they will surprise most of the industry. We had been limiting our forecast based on capacity issues in the supply chain, but with big recent investments in component capacity, we have bumped up our forecast for 2019.”

According to the release, China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom will deploy “huge numbers” of base stations during early 2019. Mobile Experts called this the “China Surge,” and it is expected to continue through 2021. After 2021, however, the report showed that China will return to the same pace as the rest of the world for 5G deployment.

5G is expected to revolutionize computing across industries, according to a TechRepublic report, and make for faster and easier internet access for consumers. Though China is leading the way, US providers like AT&T and Verizon have plans of equipping cities with the coverage in 2018.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • China is leading the pack in terms of 5G coverage and is expected to continue through 2021, according to Mobile Experts.
  • Mobile Experts analyst said China’s speed in 5G deployment is due to political forces.