Elementor, a visual theming engine for the open-source blogging platform WordPress, announced Wednesday that three million websites have published using its service. Elementor was founded in 2016, though in the last six months, the company added an extra million users.

The service is used by GrubHub, Crunchbase, and Encyclopedia Britannica, “for parts or all of their websites,” a spokesperson said.

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WordPress powers nearly a third of all websites, as the open-source software package that started as a blogging platform has been extended into a full-fledged CMS. It is also popular as an e-commerce solution through the use of extensions including WooCommerce, a premium extension from Automattic, the developers of WordPress.

Elementor has a fair bit of competition from WordPress, as the release of WordPress 5.0 earlier this year brought the Gutenberg editor, providing more extensive theming capabilities beyond the “classic editor” mode that has been at the forefront of the WordPress experience for years. Elementor considers this “more of a basic tool for beginners,” though notes that the two are interoperable.

The project is available free and with pro versions—premium features include advanced widgets, theme building, popup building, marketing integrations, and WooCommerce integration, among others. Personal licenses are $49 per year for one site with plus licenses at $99 per year for three sites, with the expert tier offering 1,000 sites for $199. Elementor allows professional designers to use the service when building sites sold to clients, using the expert tier.

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Image: TechRepublic